International Celebrity Psychic Medium

Reviews of Readings by Ericka Boussararhane

Several years ago, I lost my youngest son. The grief of losing a child is long-lasting and far-reaching. It stays with us, forever. I had no church, or other organizations, to turn to. So, for years, I held it in. Last summer I made an appointment, for a reading, with Ericka. That 1 hour with Ericka changed my life. Ericka never asked me ANY questions other than “do u understand this?” She relayed info, to me, that she could not possibly have known. Personal family things that happened even before I was born. That 1 hour left me with feelings that had long been absent. Mostly hope, that I would one day see my son, again. And joy, that there is something more after death. We never get over the loss of a child. The pain of that loss will always exist deep within. Instead, we adapt to life without them. But, that 1 reading, helped me to move forward with my life and the knowledge that there is more to come. Thank you, Ericka.

Alice H.

My experience was wonderful!!! I can’t praise Ericka enough she was very professional along with sensitive, gentle, and real at the same time. Her honesty was magnificent. I would recommend her for anyone who wants or need to talk to their loved ones. I only have one request may I please have a copy of the notes taken while reading me. Again thank you!

Adrian Ricketts

I didn’t know what to expect from my reading but, my mind was blown. I immensely enjoyed my experience and I look forward to speaking with this beautiful lady again in the future.

T. R.

I originally encountered Ericka back in 2011. I was having a bunch of bizarre dreams about my mother who had passed away in 2008, In fact, today is the anniversary of her death. I felt compelled to look for a well-established psychic in Pensacola, where my mother is interred and where I spent half my life. It so happened that I found the famous international psychic, Ericka Boussarhane. I booked my first reading with her online and my life changed exponentially. Without giving her any information, she validated everything. One awesome example is when she relayed the message from my mother about how happy she was that I was wearing her ring. No one knew that I was wearing my mother’s ring, except of course my mother. I keep her wrapped around my finger.:) And the fact that I was standing in an apartment in Italy at that moment and never having met her, while she spoke to me over the phone from Pensacola, Florida made this experience even more spiritual and profound.

April T

Ericka came into my place of work and completely blew my mind. She knew things that I had never told anyone and even was able to tell me things about my father who passed when I was sixteen that I never had told anyone I knew. She did this all unprompted and at random, it was incredible. This woman is the real deal.

Taylor W.

Ericka gave me a reading and told me all kinds of things she could not have known. She was caring and helpful and gave me peace of mind after losing my young daughter recently. She was able to see that her death was a police coverup- just like we suspected and she gave me good information. She also relayed messages of love between my deceased daughter and I and I literally have stopped crying about her death, for now. Thank you, Ericka. I will be back! You are truly gifted.

Tracy L.

What an amazing reading my entire family got from Ericka! She gave us insight that only someone with her abilities could share! She has been extremely accurate with the messages she delivers and we look forward to many more in the future! If you are skeptical take a chance you won’t be disappointed!

Ronee R.

Wonderful experience ❤️


She shared things with me that only my mom and best friend knew. Gave me so much closure that I desperately needed.
Restless Nights – The appointment i had with Ericka was very emotional and the details she knew were amazing. She is the real deal. She is very kind and down to earth. She was spot on!

Rick Rice

Cindi Vinyard – Erika is the best. Real deal. Must see. Amazing experience I will never forget.

Regina Brown – Erika helped me in so many ways. I went in a skeptic and out a believer .She said things no one else would ever know .Thank you Erika for giving me peace of mind.

Jennifer – Erika is awesome! She is definitely the real deal.

Janice Thompson – Erica is the real deal. I was having some ghost adventures in my house. My mother found Erica and she was able to tell us it was my father trying to communicate with me. Since that day I have not had any other issues. Erica was able to draw my house layout, she was able to tell me locations in my house about things that had happened, she knew way too much without ever asking anything but my name. It brought tears to my eyes the things she said.

Melanie bridges – This wonderful lady is a true physic,I have been going her gallory reading for the last 2 years now and she has hit dead on to whatever is coming out to me.
Jackie Egan- I was astounded ! She is amazing, and knew many many things about me and my family.She’s a kind and good person and makes you feel comfortable. I highly highly recommend her.

Ericka was so spot on and specific with things. It was truly life changing for me. She helped me see I was making the right decision with a relationship I was in. She is the real deal, no doubt. posted on July 3, 2018 by Erin Sloane

I attended a group meeting last night, I went to support a friend who wanted a message from the other side. I did not feel the need for myself and had no specific questions ready for Erica. Not because I dont believe, but because I have been involved in psychic phenomenon all my life and am very comfortable with where I am now. Surprisingly Erica came to me with messages from beyond which were 100% accurate about my life past and present.This has renewed my interest. Thank you Erica. posted on May 13, 2012 by Joanna Rogers

Erica did a reading for me this last weekend and she was right on with her answers. The whole room was captivated by her readings and I think we all left with a feeling of satisfaction. She is truely gifted and also very personable. She made my skeptic husband a believer! posted on March 15, 2010 by Julie Edwards

Erica is extremely accurate. Her answers which I have had the chance to confirme are 100% true. The answers which I have not confirmed yet, I can say without doubt that they will also be 100% correct. She is simply dazzling. posted on December 9, 2008 by Munazza Mohammad

Ericka is extremely gifted and has truly made me a believer! posted on July 31, 2008 by Hillary Anaya

Ericka is one of the most caring and accurate psychic readers I have come across in many years. It is a pleasure to know her! posted on May 2, 2008 by Debra Greene

Denice F. says: I went to Ericka afraid but after she told me they have been waiting on me I stop being scared. She was able to tell me things that where in my spirit and that was true. She put the confirmation on my life that I needed to move forward with situations that I had been struggling with. She is definitely handpicked by God and a true gift to us all.

Confirmed my feelings 10/13/2017
Customer L. says: Ericka is very insightful. She quickly listed my top concerns and was very accurate. She mentioned some things that I hadn’t been on my mind too, so I will see how
things play out. She put me at ease and I am grateful to her.

Interesting 10/10/2017

Shannon C. says: I brought my mother in law and Erika touched on things that were interesting and that no one else would know. My mother in law said she left there feeling as if a brig weight had been lifted . She was great my sister and I have now set an appointment and look forward to hearing from Erika for ourselves!!

Amazing Gift 8/16/2017

Donna C. says: This was my second time to see Ericka, and it was just as Amazing as the first. She is kind and truly has a gift that words can’t give enough credit for. She gave a closure to my Husband for a loss of a close family member, and a peace that he was needing.


Unknown R. says: It was truely an eye opening experience! I wish I would have been experienced this 5 years ago. I said much of nothing she allowed everything to flow accordingly. I will be going back and I am looking forward to a very great productive future, thanks Erica!

My meeting with Ericka 8/4/2017

Shari D. says: I met with Ericka yesterday and she was very sweet and compassionate. She told me things that really helped me and gave me guidance for my future. She even saw that I will someday travel to Europe and saw me standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, which I have never told anyone, but I have been planning this trip in the future to visit a friend who lives in France. Amazing!

UNBELIEVABLY Accurate! 6/28/2017

Alice H. says: I am naturally a skeptic. I made sure that Ericka had NO CLUE as to who I was or anything about me. She did all the talking, I listened. She enforces that in the beginning. She brought through many with detailed and accurate clarity! I needed to know, in my heart, that there is something else after we pass. THERE IS, no doubt about it! Thank you, Ericka! My soul needed that reading!

Ericka is the real deal! 6/2/2017

Shannon D. says: I can not speak highly enough about the Peace that comes over me when Ericka does a reading for me. I hold her in celestial esteem. Ericka’s gift is my blessing. She has a beautiful soul and is a light in the darkness helping me find my way.

She is special 4/23/2017

Meredith L. says: Ericka is a beautiful soul! We had a beautiful reading yesterday. You will not be disappointed with her! Cannot wait to visit with her again.

Ericka is the real deal! 6/2/2017

Shannon D. says: I can not speak highly enough about the Peace that comes over me when Ericka does a reading for me. I hold her in celestial esteem. Ericka’s gift is my blessing. She has a beautiful soul and is a light in the darkness helping me find my way.

Sheila 4/20/2017

Sheila R. says: Ericka was “spot on”! I got the guidance I was looking for from Ericka. She has given me readings before and they have always been true and helpful.

Amazing! 4/8/2017

Danielle S. says: Ericka let me speechless! She was sweet and I was immediately comfortable with her. She knew things that no one knows! She gave me direction that I needed and I will absolutely do another reading in the future. Thank you Ericka!

Reading by Ericka 3/27/2017

CAROLINE C. says: Ericka is always awesome. She hits the nail on the head. She puts me at ease when she gives me a reading. I find out things about myself and am able to use the information for my highest good.

Can’t wait to have another one!! 3/23/2017

Char F. says: She was awesome!!!!

Insightful 3/2/2017

Cynthia P. says: Ericka was so personable and easy to talk to. She was on point with everything she said. Thank you very much.

Chandra R. says: The session was so awesome, great, insightful and honest that I honestly don’t know where to start!…First off, Ms. Ericka can definitely speak to people who have passed away, and the proof was what she told me about my twenty year old son whom recently passed. Second, she’s a nice woman that’s easy and comfortable to talk to. Third, our session extended the time that was allotted and Ms. Ericka continued without pushiness and requests for more money/payment. I would highly recommend Ms. Ericka to anyone who’s seeking insight about their life OR someone that would like to connect with a loved one that has passed. Ms. Ericka is the real deal, give her a call or pay her a face to face visit, you DEFINITELY, wont be disappointed!!

Amazing 1/2/2017

Tina C. says: I’ve read with Erica twice and she has been amazingly accurate both times. She stated things only I knew. I will be calling again. Very caring and real!

Allison K. 12/28/2016

Allison K. says: Went to Ericka a few months ago…Most amazing experience of my life. Would not trade it for anything in the world. Taking my mom for some closure. Thank you So, So much Ericka…you are a Gift from God.

Worth it! 11/13/2016

Trudy K. says: I’ve met with Erica twice and the information she has given me has been helpful and accurate. She is very nice and personable and will put you at ease. She is the real deal!

Accurate 11/9/2016

Belinda C. says: She was very accurate and insightful .Their were things nobody else would know. My thirty minutes weren’t enough. Don’t go unless you really want to know!

Connie 10/25/2016

Constance J. says: Appreciates Ericka and her accuracy. Her reading is extremely precise, thorough and compassionate. Erica answers questions with helpful information. Ericka is a reliable, insightful intuitive medium. She brings you closer to your personal needs, facilitates your direction and awareness.

Always spot on10/9/2016

DJ d. says: With amazing skill and clarity she is my special person to council with.

Amazing very accurate 10/1/2016​

Richard P. says: Had a reading done in store with Erica about 3 weeks ago shes amazing very accurate will definitely go back definitely book her if you want a very accurate reading

Incredibly Accurate! 9/14/2016

Suzanne D. says: My reading with Ericka was amazing! I was stunned to the point my hands went numb as I sat there. Questions I had that no one knew were answered. I had no idea loved ones I have lost were still so close to me all the time. Ericka’s reading made my day! My boyfriend WAS a skeptic and was in tears 5 minutes into his reading. He stated to me later that he is now a believer!

Absolutely amazing reading, very detailed, picked up on so much, many thanks ! 9/13/2016

Henri B. says: Absolutely amazing reading, very detailed, picked up on so much, many thanks !

Five Stars, Ericka is amazing! 8/29/2016

T R. says: I met Ericka a few years ago and was really impressed by her God given abilities. She is kind, smart and personable. I highly recommend her, especially for those with an open heart. I look very forward to our next reading. Thanks Ericka and God Bless you.

Can’t Wait to talk again 8/13/2016

Heather G. says: Spot on and very entertaining. Makes you feel like you have known each other for years.

Spot on! 7/14/2016

Joi W. says: Ericka was spot on in reading me. She told me things about myself that no one would ever know….which was on point! She was polite and very professional. Ericka is absolutely the truth and I look forward to getting another reading as soon as I’m back from my deployment to Afghanistan. I highly recommend her.

Out of this world experience 7/12/2016

Alesia W. says: Ericka read me with ease and accuracy. I have wanted to do a reading since the death of my sons father but always pushed it off. Yesterday I felt I was ready and am so happy I did. I was very open to the process and channeled my energy onto her and I got amazing results from family troubles I need to forgive on and a brother I need to grow close to again. She brought my son’s father’s personality to the room and it was just an amazing thing tonexperience. I could feel him around me, comforting me and relaying to me he wishes he took a different route. I will be back to see her and recommend her to anyone seeking answers. But be ready to hear the truth!.!

Entertaining 6/27/2016

Trinity B. says: Some of the time I wanted to interrupt her because I was sitting and watching her struggle to understand her own notes, when I knew exactly what she was talking about.

I got what I came for 6/14/2016​

Stephanie M. says: I was wanting to know something very specific about a family member I had never met. And amazingly she brought up everything I knew about this person’s death and answered the questions I had wanted to know…without me asking her anything about it!

Uplifted a Huge Burden 4/27/2016

Althera H. says: Thank you so much for this uplifting today… You have nailed so much that has gone on with me and my family… I wanted more than anything to hear my deceased mother tell me Happy birthday and even though I couldnt hear her say it, by you telling me made it even better for me. You made me see my life in a different perspective than what i have been since the death of my mother. Thank you Thank you Thank you….. Mrs. Ericka you my dear are THE REAL DEAL!!!!

Confirmation 2/20/2016

Kristen D. says: Ericka is a wonderful person who is always uplifting with her lively & spunky vibes! Her sessions entail healing, knowledge, & intuitive advice that can help one make better decisions that may lead you to greater success & happiness. Awesome does not even do her justice!

On my way to whole again! 2/20/2016

Katie M. says: I am a pretty naive person, so naturally I was skeptical of what to expect, being careful not to give my last name or information when booking, for fear I would be “studied” and then given answers based on her research of me, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong! First of all, I did not say a word as to what I wanted to know about, talk about, nothing except my first name, KATIE. By writing my name, she came up with a whole page of topics she wanted to go over with me, all of which were being spoken to her through my HUSBAND!! Things she couldn’t have possibly known!! I was in tears the entire session, but happy tears, and at the very end, she gave me a message from my Matt, saying “he said sorry for the other week and yes, he would again” I had tried to contact him through a spirit board, and asked Matt if we hadn’t have been too drunk k to get out marriage license in Vegas, did he think he would ever have asked me again and done it the right way?? As you can imagine, this was the most emotionally intense visit I’ve ever had, and will definitely continue to see her, as she was not only amazingly accurate, but very fun loving, likable, and a real professional!! You won me over Miss Ericka, and I will be back! Thank you, Katie

Amazing 1/3/2016

Hana A. says: Ericka was spot on. No tarot cards, no crystal ball. All she needs is your name. She laid down all the details which helped me realize things and confirm some issues. thank you ericka!

Sue 1/3/2016

Susan W. says: Ericka is fabulous! Lots of information and all of it accurate. Thank you, Ericka.

Karen H.12/22/2015

Karen H. says: I have gone to a couple of the gallery readings, but always felt I needed more time. Yesterday was with Ericka was amazing. The things she told me about were so accurate. When I left, the burden I had in my heart is gone. She has helped me in ways that I just can’t find the right words to thank her.

Great reading 10/2/2015

Tara J. says: Ericka is amazing. She has a great sense of humor and I felt very comfortable with her. 98 percent of what she said made complete sense. I got some great information and a lot of answers. I cannot wait to go visit again. It was definitely very enlightening.

Beyond satisfied! 9/26/2015

Shelly A. says: Erika is simply amazing! She knew exactly the questions and concerns I had without me even asking and she absolutely delivered! Speaking with her was so comfortable, it was like she was an old friend. She is the real deal!! You will not be disappointed!

The real deal 9/23/2015

Kimberly S. says: Write your reviews he was spot on in my reading,,,,after I certainly feel a certain comfort in what she had to say. Will recommend her to anyone. Note: best to do a hour read it goes by so fast and I felt I got the most out of it… KIMBERLY S.

Amazing 9/7/2015

Marjorie M. says: Ericka always is spot on. She told me something this time I could not connect with, and found out later from my husband what she said was very accurate. Wow.

Amazing 9/1/2015

Henri l. says: Ericka was a pleasure,she is spot on and the real deal,honest and accurate,Ericka truly has an amazing gift. Henri Boll

She is unbelievable and friendly 8/17/2015

LaTonia w. says: She is the most accurate medium that I have ever come across. I have read with her for the past year and no need for me to go anywhere else.

She is the real deal! 6/16/2015​

Kira S. says: Write your reviewing a very skeptical person, but have since gone to her three times and I have always been impressed with how accurate she is. I will definitely be back. She is also a wonderfully sweet woman and will make you feel like you are just talking to one of your friends.

Amazed and Very Thankful 5/8/2015

Deonna W. says: Erika is in fact The Real Deal. I didn’t have to open my mouth at no point in time on nothing I had questions about. She was right on the money! I will stay in ccontact with her for any questions or issues that may arise. I just can’t explain how wonderful she is.

May God continue to bless her in what she does. Very Thankful

Beautiful 4/21/2015

Shannon R. says: My first visit with Erika was amazing and some of what she said I did not understand at the time. But it was only a few weeks out from appointment that I understood her words. Her gift is real and will change you.


Martin J. says: Awesome and accurate!

Impressive 1 /6/2015

Marjorie M. says: My phone appointment with Ericka was comfortable. Felt like I was with a friend. Everything she told me was accurate and enlightening. I will consult with her again. highly recommend.

First Session–Wow 12/23/2014

Michele W. says: Ericka did a joint reading with my cousin and me, and what she told us was both affirming and enlightening. Not only did she do life readings that were very accurate, she also put us in touch with several of our family members who have crossed over. Thank you, Ericka!

Just what I needed 12/23/2014

Bri R. says: I always feel like my time with Ericka is like a good chat with a friend. She delivers information in the way only a best friend could. Straight forward and down to earth. She is a joy!!! The answers I get are always just what I needed to hear. If you haven’t had a chance to see her you are missing out!

Ericka is so gifted 10/26/2014

Susan W. says: Been to Ericka several times and she is always so accurate. Tells me things I hadn’t thought of. Very spiritual and truly one of a kind. Sue

Amazing! 10/8/2014

Linda K. says: Ericka answered questions I didn’t know I had. Her insight will make a difference in a couple of decisions I needed to make. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift. Linda K

Warm, professional, accurate 10/5/2014

Brenda N. says: Meeting with Erika was a pleasure. The energy in the meeting room was palpably grounding. Erika is very professional in her approach to the reading, very organized, while some things that she mentioned at the time did not make sense to me, as I thought about them after leaving, they were certainly accurate. There were things that were “right on” which were amazing. I felt as if she had been shopping with me earlier in the day. She is loving, kind, wise, and GIFTED. Blessings to you, Erika.

Erika is the Real Deal 9/15/2014

Michele M. says: With each visit I am amazed at the things that Erika reveals, all on point. She takes the time to answer all my questions, and I never feel hurried. Next time I will schedule an hour visit.

Gifted in many ways! 7/28/2014

Paula B. says: Ericka is amazing, pure and simple. Before I even began to speak she had all of my concerns out in the open. I’ve seen her before in a group reading and knew what a talented individual she is. So I knew I was in for a fantastic reading. What I didn’t expect was what she saw that morning and felt compelled to mention to me. It was about the most beautiful monarch butterfly that had flown around while my daughter and I were talking outside. It had a meaning. It was a loved one from the other side! I will continue to make the hr drive to see Ericka. When you’ve found a jewel such as her, why go anywhere else? My SIL and I already have a visit planned.  God bless you Miss Ericka!

Phenomenal 6/26/2014

Josie P. says: Ericka is truly gifted. Her reading was so ACCURATE that I came home and did a “sweep” of my house to see if she had installed hidden cameras! LOL Seriously, she’s very intuitive! Enjoyed her very much! Thx again Ericka!


Amanda V. says: This is my second time seeing her she is great, and I plan on making future appointments with her.

Confirmation 5/25/2014

Mary W. says: Write your review Ericka has a great personality and she is funny. She confirmed for me some things that I had been feeling in my spirit, and some new things I was unaware of. The reading was great and I will surely return again.

Always leave wanting more 5/23/2014

Joy J. says: I really enjoyed my reading with Ericka, She pointed out some things that needed to be taken of and she was right on . I always leave wanting more

Fantastic 5/20/2014

Tiffany R. says: I enjoyed the session and plan on doing it again in the future!

Great! 5/12/2014

Janis P. says: I’m so glad I went to see Erika. She was Great!! She answered all of my questions. I enjoyed meeting her and spending time with her.

AMAZING!!!! 5/9/2014

Kevin b. says: Ericka is just amazing! She provided some well needed answers and was just wonderful to talk to!

Ericka is amazing 4/23/2014

DJ D. says: Pure and simple – Ericka is Awesome!

Got the Answers I needed 4/16/2014

Laura M. says: Didn’t know what to expect when I spoke with Ericka. She addressed things that I wasn’t even thinking about. I certainly got the answers that I was looking for. I enjoyed our conversation and will keep her posted on certain issues we discussed. Thank you again Ericka. I feel some weight has been lifted off my shoulders. God Bless!!

Great reading 4/9/2014

Sharon R. says: Ericka has a wonderful gift. She knew what was weighing on my mind without me saying a word. Will definitely see her again

Amazing 4/7/2014

Kristi B. says: Ericka truly has an amazing gift. She knew things only we could know. And she’s down right funny too!!! Would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Ericka.

Amazingly accurate!! 4/2/2014

Marian A. says: Had a very enlightening reading! Thanx & Hugz Ericka!!!

Grateful 3/30/2014

Sheri W. says: A very positive, and enlightening experience. A look into the inner soul. I would highly recommend Ericka and have to anyone wanting a look into their selves.

Right on target 3/28/2014

Amber D. says: Ericka has an amazing gift! She knew things only I would know. I highly recommend her to anyone! The 30 min session wasn’t long enough for me! I will be going back for sure!

Wanting More 3/28/2014

Joy J. says: I saw Ericka for the first time yesterday and am already planning on things to ask her next time. Some of the things she said didn’t make sense at the time but have already clicked in my head. Great reading!

Very accurate 3/16/2014

Susan W. says: Ericka is very gifted. She is professional and very accurate. I have been to her several times and always come away very insightful. She can read all day and always be on target. I am so fortunate to know her.

Flickering lights 1/2/2014

Sonya S. says: I had a reading last night and Erica mentioned flickering lights several times. I didn’t understand the reference since I haven’t noticed anything. I asked my family if any of them had had the problem either. She said the flickering was to get my attention about the health of a male. My brother hasn’t been feeling well and just a while ago I was playing an online word game and I remembered I was going to look up information about his symptoms. As I thought of this the light in the lamp beside me started flickering. Wow. So I did some research and called my brother to see if he had ever had his thyroid checked and he needed to mention it to his doctor. The light hasn’t flickered since. I just wanted to let you know that a big smile crossed my face when my light started flickering. Lol…it just flickered again. Thanks again for the reading. I will definitely be making another appointment in the future.

Wonderful Experience 12/16/2013

Irma S. says: Enjoyed my session with Erica, such a wonderful experience to reconnect with a loved one. Erica’s session was a big eye opener, I learned allot about things around me, even realized signs that have been there, yet I was overlooking. Thank you again and I look forward to see you again.

Amazing Experience 11/24/2013

Brittany S. says: Everyone needs to have at least one appointment with Ericka. This experience truly was life changing. I left the appointment feeling more calm and free from worry than I can remember feeling any time recently. Thank you Ericka for the peace you have helped me to find!

Such a Blessing 11/17/2013

Michelle S. says: Ericka is not only kind and considerate and honest….but she is very Gifted, by God, and speaks to me of things she has no way of knowing. She was reading me about my work and finances and my Late Father popped in and she was compelled to tell me about my Dad. He was clearly in my home, talking to her . She asked me about the song I wrote to him. How in the world would she know I wrote a song to my father? How would she know I am a writer? She is legitimate. She is also so caring about other people. I have a friend who is a lost soul and Erika took the extra time to talk to me about how I can help her. She helped me so much. Thank you Ericka!

A hello from mom 11/14/2013

Kathleen M. says: I knew my mom was around me, but Erica’s reading solidified this for me. I will definitely go back. The information she gave to my friend was something she desperately needed to hear. Very happy we went.

Great! 11/8/2013

Debbie G. says: Ericka didn’t know me at all and the things she told me were true. I will go back again. I’ve been through a lot this year and she knew it the minute I walked in. Truely amazing. I was not sure what to expect, but she is real!

Amazing 9/8/2013

Julia G. says: Ericka is incredibly specific and accurate in her readings. She is the real thing. I have been to seen her two times and I always leave with a sense of clarity and comfort. She is amazing!

Right to a pin point! 8/31/2013

Natalie Q. says: I had my reading with Erica in June. it was great reading very personal, very believable, very informative……not only answers to questions I had, also overall diagnostics. She gave me information I was not ask for but incredibly grateful that she point my attention! There was a reason!!! THANK YOU ERICA!!! I will be back for more readings………absolutely!!! The best reading I ever had!

Life-changing 7/10/2013

Amanda P. says: I have only met with Ericka one time about 2 years ago, but I will never forget that day. She truly is gifted and changed my life. I would honestly rather talk to Ericka than talk to a therapist. She gave me such good advice and was completely accurate about everything. She even told me specific details about a car accident I was in, down to the color of the vehicle and how I survived. I cannot wait to see her again.

Uncanny 6/30/2013

Jen H. says: I asked Ericka specifically about a person who has crossed over by giving her only a first name only, and the details she gave me were uncanny. What they looked like, what they liked to do, things that were important to them, some details about their death and their remains, along with messages from the person that definitely matched the person’s individual personality. Ericka has done this for me twice now, with two different people. She will be a life-long contact person because I won’t ever have to look for another psychic. She’s the one.

Amazed and Grateful 6/28/2013

Martin J. says: Just so amazing. She knew EXACTLY what was going on with me without having me say anything. I was blown away. But more than that, it helped me understand myself and the situations much more clearly. Helps me heal. I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Erika. She is absolutely the best.

Very Pleased 6/27/2013

Dasina F. says: Write your reviewEricka was very personable,which in turn relaxed me. My experience with her gave me deep insight regarding my life. My experience with her afforded me the opportunity to recieve confirmation on many things and to focus on goals that I will realize. I am going to use her services again. She was so dead on with what she told me that I told my sister and my daughter. My sister made an appointment with her when I told her about my wonderful experience with her.

Right On Point 4/24/2013

Michelle R. says: I had my phone reading yesterday. Ericka knew EXACTLY what was going on in my life. She had absolutely no way of knowing. It was amazing. She helped me a lot and gave me insight in terms of how to deal with a challenging time. Great reading…She is no joke, I am grateful for Ericka.

Oh, What Fun! 3/29/2013

Patsy L. says: I always find Erica entertaining. I am hard to read yet she seems to penetrate my inner self. She surprises me with how accurate she is about some things in my life. She feels I am intuitive and advised to seek answers and learn more. I may explore that possibility with her help.

Marcia S 3/3/2013

Marcia S. says: Ericka is very talented and personable. She made me feel at home. Only 1/2 hour was booked so a few things are questionable although after leaving I think belong to my sister who I haven’t spoken to in quite a while. I did find that interesting though as our dad often misspoke with my sister and I as we got older. Over all it was very interestng. I plan on booking an hour long session and attending a Saturday evening group event.

Unbelievable 2/24/2013

Renae J. says: Ericka is very personable, honest and accurate. I believe that some people are put on this earth with a gift, and she is one of them. I would highly recommend her to anyone with questions, concerns, or just needing general direction in their life. I look forward to seeing her again.

Susan says: 2/17/2013

Susan W. says: I love Ericka, the most accurate and gifted psychic reader I’ve been to in 40 years!

Exciting!!! 2/17/2013

Stephanie E. says: Ericka was so nice and welcoming. I was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect but she made me feel at ease. She nailed some things and I was shocked at information she knew that I hadn’t said anything to anyone else about. I am definitely going to be seeing her again and again.

Amazing! 2/17/2013

Dee D. says: Ericka was welcoming and just fantastic! I am still in shock as to how accurate she was. I wish I would of booked an hour. I will be back to dig deeper into questions I did not ask and my friends and family plan on booking with her as well. She is truly gifted.

WOW!!!! 2/11/2013

Wendi J. says: I felt right at home. I felt like I was talking to a life long friend. I felt secure and safe. I will be a return customer. Wish I’d have gotten the hour long appointment, she is

GREAT! 2/10/2013

Stephanie P. says: I met Erika through her Groupon offering and unfortunately only sprung for 30 minutes because I was skeptical, spring for the full hour, she is spot on and the real deal. Erika knew things no one else knows about me/my family. She was friendly, accurate and encouraging, we will be back! Thanks!

Right on it 2/9/2013

Mal P. says: Erika was very friendly and I felt comfortable during the entire reading. The things she mentioned were true and she also answered most of my questions. I am excited to see how 2013 turns out!

Amazing 2/8/2013

Joseph D. says: She was dead on on several points. I was very happy when I left her place.

Can’t wait to go back!! 2/3/2013

Danielle F. says: Ericka was a pleasure, great personality and she makes you comfortable from the moment you walk in. She hit on so many things that no one would have ever known. It was like I was sitting having coffee with both of my grandmothers. Thank you Ericka!

Interesting 2/1/2013

Fran m. says: it was like she was reading my sister thru me. she did hit on some things about me, it was interesting to say the least. i sure hope i get the second home or money coming my way

Enlightening 1/27/2013

Patricia L. says: Ericka was very nice and made me feel comfortable..there were things she told me I knew were true but there were things that I didn’t have a clue about until I went home and talked to my mother and the other things she told me made sense..there is no way Ericka would have known the things she told me..even some of the things I didn’t know and didn’t make sense until I spoke with my mom…great reading!